Jam Shojiki’s Round-Up of 2015 – Difficulties and Progress

This is going to be a very “blog-oriented” post for want of a better word so, no groundbreaking technologies here unfortunately. There will be some stuff later on talking about the viability of Ryu in competitive play and a minor opinion piece on what I think would be cool to have him possess; the vast majority of this post will be focusing on my approach, mentalities in gameplay, importance of self-confidence etc. Most of this is in relation to Fighting Games to keep it topical, but it is effectively ramblings, recaps and other stuff. Read at your leisure.

I’ve been meaning to publish this kinda stuff for a while: what would effectively been a recap of the last couple of months as I haven’t really posted anything at all for ages and I’d like to think there is good reason for it, or reasons:

1) Honestly kind of crap at time-keeping and sticking to routine. Will kinda do what feels right in the moment for the most part and that’ll dictate my evening.
2) My priorities lay with my College routine and making sure I’m up to date with that, and due to the nature of that, of which I’ll describe in a little more detail later.
3) I simply haven’t had the time to dedicate to maintaining something like this while retaining other responsibilities and remembering to try and have fun on SF. As a result this has been slipping considerably and I need to re-prioritise to get things done on here aswell.

I do want this to become a usable resource and stuff, but it’s current status is not allowing for that – not even a blog at the moment. It might be considered up to date after this whopper though.

Will be talking about topics very exclusive from SF4 aswell as some Street Fighter 4 stuff. Lets just say there’s some GOOD Stuff, and some BAD Stuff. Continue reading


BSC Blaydon Ryu – Practising and Application of Frame-Traps

This video was posted to SRK and Eventhubs a couple of months back and I meant to shout it out closer to the date of release. Unfortunately, among other things, I was sidetracked and it slipped under the radar. Anyway – this stuff is extremely important for offensive applications and serves as a universal technology for every character in the game. Adding this to your arsenal will no doubt improve your okizeme and offensive potential, providing you understand it and make something of it.

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[USF4] Juri Technology – DWU Set-up from Bboy_duck

On the Advanced Juri Technology page on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/Juri.Tech/); Bboy_duck posted a video showing a set-up to address character’s delayed wake-up options in the corner.

This set-up is decent. It addresses DWU and connects as a fake-cross-up which can lead to good damage and further pressure. The original poster requested some testing be done on the set-up so I contributed. My findings had pretty awesome implications. All credit for this still goes to Bboy_duck.

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Ultra Street Fighter 4 – Update 1.04: Omega Mode, Ultra Trials, Costumes and USF4 Balances

A patch dropped today and I basically wanted to give an initial impressions of the content on offer. The details may come at a later post as the patch was quite “chunky” in terms of content. They’ve released to my knowledge:

1) USF4 Balance Patch – 1.04
2) OMEGA Mode
3) Ultra Trials
4) New Costumes (Wild Costume Pack, Preorder Bonus Costumes)

Tonnes of content to cover for a change. Admittedly – the most significant for myself was the balance patch seems as though I’m playing this game pretty competitively. OMEGA mode is a nice addition and might help me ease the sheer seriousness of my approach to mechanics and stuff. The trials I’m not particularly fussed about, I feel I understand the properties of the moves well enough for this mode to be relatively redundant unless it’s going to reward me for it’s completion. The costumes are a nice addition too, bought them day 1 and most alright with some exceptions (Cody, Sakura, Sagat… what the hell happened?).

Eitherway, for this I’m gonna breakdown the more significant patch notes for the 1.04 update, explore the surface level of OMEGA mode, do some trials and investigate some costumes. Click through to keep reading, if that kinda thing peaks your fancy…

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3Sports: King of the Monsters

Event Highlight – 3Sports: King of the Monsters

Unfortunately, due to my schedule, this tournament has already been and gone. This effectively marks the end of the little tournament season we had in the North until further notice. I’ll likely be attending weeklies yet to be arranged and maybe the odd trip to Leeds, but the expenses are gonna climb while I don’t have a fixed income.

Click through to see the details of this particular extravaganza, whatever we’re dubbing it. Continue reading

Event Highlight – The King of the North: USF4

This is likely going to be an on-going thing and the method in which I notify upcoming tournaments etc. Hey, might even get a better title for segments like this.

I’ve left talking about this event really late, but it should be a right blast. I’m currently sorting out actually attending it, as unrelated stuff maybe coming up around then for myself, but I’m trying my best to free up my schedule and sort out late sign-ups.

Eitherway – it’s hosted by Underworld Asylum on Sunday at Jury’s Inn, Newcastle. Check it out.

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USF4 Endless: VS SFF I Yasuhiro (Chun-Li)

Hey guys, quick note but the state of the site is a bit messy at the moment. This is because I can’t dedicate too much time to this because of the new college year starting. I can only apologise, and I will be doing what I can in the meantime around weekends if my time allows for it.

On that morbid note; I’ve had a set uploaded on my YouTube channel for a while now that I have failed to mention on the blog, so it’s likely that few have seen it. Regardless, I played a set a while back when I was warming back into this game as Ryu. Since then, I’ve worn off of the rust, but this set was a nice demonstration of learning against another’s style and adapting over a set.

[USF4] Jam Shojiki (Ryu) VS SFF I Yasuhiro (Chun-Li)

For reference, the playlist above contains all 7 matches and will automatically skip through them on this embed, OR you can click the YouTube button in the bottom right of the playlist’s UI and watch it on YouTube. Your call.

Like most sets, I couldn’t justify most of the decisions now that I made in the set watching it back. I might do a later analysis if time allows because I quite like this set, and so did my opponent. I will say however that my understanding of the Chun-Li match-up as Ryu is somewhat lacking. It’s kinda present here.

Shoutouts to SFF I Yasuhiro for solid set. I’ll hopefully be working through some more over the weekend. May have more match footage, but I should have by then a little surprise for the guides section. Got a little more in store.

Thanks for reading.